Important Tips You Can Emulate From These Popular Beauty Vloggers

Important Tips You Can Emulate From These Popular Beauty Vloggers

It’s no secret that beauty experts have taken to the internet to promote what they do best and that the popular medium through which they accomplish this is through social media or personal websites. Sites like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are some of the hottest spots to catch up on video-blogging activity. You may even be an aspiring beauty vlogger and if that’s the case, there are websites which could guide you on how to make the most of video blogging.

We can also take a look at some popular beauty vloggers to learn a few things from them.

1) Michelle Phan:

Michelle is a blogger who is mostly focused on make-up, skin care, and teaching her viewers how to create unique looks with beauty products. So whether you’re looking for the best firming cream reviews, or the hottest eyeliner tutorials, you can probably find it all with Michelle. Her YouTube videos are both educative and very entertaining set in interesting locations which is a great way to hook the attention of subscribers. She also posts short movie-like videos with interesting storylines.

2) Bethany Mota:

Bethany is a popular YouTube blogger who started in her teens. She uploads videos on beauty, fashion, DIY and several others. She is also a TV personality. Bethany is loved by many for spreading positive messages that promote Hardwork and self-acceptance.

3) Dimma Umeh:

Dimma, a Nigerian, is popularly known by her username, Thatigbochick, on her YouTube channel. Her makeup tutorials to help viewers create that flawless look with ease. Her tutorials are simple and easy to understand.

4) Sierra Furtado:

Sierra blogs about a wide range of things including beauty which makes her appeal to a wider audience. She also blogs about many issues people experience which makes her audience relate with her on a more personal level. She also presents herself in a very approachable and friendly manner which makes her very appealing.

5) Nicole Guerriero:

Nicole is a beauty and lifestyle video blogger with over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has several tutorial videos ranging from skincare to costume and makeup. Her videos cover various everyday aspects and include those for specific occasions.

6) Zoella:

Zoella is popularly known for her beauty vlogs on everything ranging from beauty products to shopping. She is very active on her YouTube channel and has over 11 million subscribers to prove just how good she is at what she does. Her personality is very warm and friendly in her videos and she provides her viewers with useful information in an entertaining manner.

A lot can be learned from the beauty vloggers mentioned above. From their manner of approach to the settings and locations they use to create their videos. You too can take your video blogging to the next level by picking up a few tips from them.

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