Best Auto Accessories for Pixel 2

Best Auto Accessories for Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 is here and it’s hot. This smartphone has the highest rated camera in the industry and unlimited storage for pics.

TechRadar gives the ‘2 four out of five stars and says the camera is unquestionably the best on the market today. They also noted the double forward-facing speakers, and water-resistance as being best-in-class. PCMag also mirrored the four-star rating. Android Authority gives it 8.7 out of 10, pointing out the all-day battery life and fast, clean performance.

Now the bad news: the phone is so popular supply is lagging about two weeks behind demand.

While you’re waiting, it might be time to stock up on some of the accessories for the car that will provide that icing-on-the-cake cell experience for users. Let’s do our own review of some of the best auto accessories for the Pixel 2 — so far.


Online retailer Autoanything is known for their great prices on anything auto — not just mobile electronics accessories. For $39.00 they currently offer the CommuteMate Cell Phone/GPS Visor Mount, perfect for going handsfree in the car. It attaches to the sun visor in a car, leaving the windshield clear of annoying obstructions. It’s padded and can rotate the viewing angle of a cell phone to make it easier to see. Perhaps the best part is that the CommuteMate is a universal device — it will fit the Pixel 2 or any gear upgrade purchased down the road.

Prefer just tossing the Pixel 2 in the cupholder? Check out the CommuteMate CellCup Cell Phone Organizer. While the cupholder in your car was designed to hold one thing — a Starbucks cup — this handy organizer repurposes the cupholder into an organized container for everything from the Pixel 2, to pens, to loose change. Connect to the charger via the base of the CellUp for a neat, clean car all the time.

One tip: Before you buy, check out the Autoanything page on Dealspotr for coupon codes to save some bucks!


When in the zone for the Pixel 2, check out AutoZone for some great accessories to put the icing on that smartphone cake. The first accessory to look for when coughing up the cash for a new smartphone is probably a screen protector and case. The last thing anyone needs is a scratched or cracked screen after doling out $600 + for a Pixel 2. Protect the investment with the Mobile Guard Cell Phone Screen Protector.

If a fancy Hello Kitty case is overkill, just go with the basic black Premier Cell Phone Case. Sure, it’s not fancy, but it will definitely do the job of protecting the Pixel 2 without making your bar buddies laugh.

Even better? Go to the AutoZone Dealspotr page to get promo codes for online ordering.


While organizing and cleaning up the car in preparation for the Pixel 2’s arrival, check out Weathertech for a variety of items designed to turn the car into a neat mobile office. Most people have seen the custom tailored floor liners — they are truly best-in-class. But the WeatherTech Back Seat Protector not only guards against slush and snow from backseat passengers (including kids in car seats), it also has convenient pockets for just behind the driver and passenger seats. It’s perfect for business documents or a tablet computer; and so much better than piling it on the passenger seat, only to have it fly on the floor when braking. We like this handy pouch unit for another reason; if drivers store their cell phones in the pouch behind their seat, they may not be as tempted to text and drive.

As always, before purchasing anything, stop by Dealspotr to get a coupon for checkout! As we write this, the Dealspotr/WeatherTech page has 25% off and free shipping!


Not to be outdone by the car parts stores, Amazon has an entire page devoted to cases for the Pixel 2. There are so many choices, Pixel 2 users may want one for every day of the week.

Amazon is both the King and Queen of online retailing, so they also have a variety of car chargers like the Noot which has very close to a five-star rating on the site.

There’s also a variety of hands-free phone mounts on Amazon, including the Nekteck universal stick on flat magnetic car mount phone or key holder. (Try saying that one three times fast.) What’s cool about this auto cell phone accessory is its universality — that magnet will hold anything from a cell phone to a key fob.

Dealspotr has some awesome Amazon deals right now, too, from 70% off earbuds to 30% off Google VR glasses for your Android. Go here to get your coupons!

Google Store

Shopping in the Google Store for the Pixel 2? Why not just browse the auto accessories there? There’s a reliable Belkin 15W USB Type-C Car Charger that is simply a must-have for on-the-go communications. While this charger doesn’t look like anything fancy, it got a great review from Digital Trends who suggests it charges 50% faster than the average 5W adapter. It’s a universal device, also charging legacy USB devices. It comes with a 4-foot USB-C cable, too. These charges even have the Belkin Connected Equipment Warranty that says if a digital device is damaged while connected to the charger, Belkin will replace or repair the device to the tune of up to $2,500.

There’s also the Moshi USB-C to USB-A Adapter to help with data transfers when you get home. Or, a USB-C to USB-A Cable to transfer data between the phone and laptop. But, as always, before buying, check out the Dealspotr/Google page for great savings.

Have Pixel 2, Will Travel

Our cars and phones are now irrevocably linked; newer cars come with Wifi and Bluetooth connections built right into the vehicle’s central computer. Many of us have long commutes, which are perfect for conference calls or just gabbing with friends. That makes car accessories for a high-tech phone like the Pixel 2 an imperative. From chargers to cup holders, there are lots of choices for making the Pixel 2 an effective yet safe communications medium for when you’re on the road.

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