Spruce It Up with Affordable Wall Art for your Home and Office

Spruce It Up with Affordable Wall Art for your Home and Office

Moving into a new home or getting a new office is a feeling full of bliss for all the right reasons.

It marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life in terms of personal or professional development, and you can’t help but feel euphoric for the first few days of getting a new space in your name.

However, once that excitement wears off and you look around at your newly settled furniture and anything else that you brought along with you, there’s always that feeling of having something amiss in terms of tying the place together.

More often than not, it is a bare wall with nothing but blank space to stare at, this void or emptiness can typically scream of the absence of personalization and can be quite distressing. The property might seem to be calling out to you, to make it unique, to give it character and to transform it from just a place into something that is truly you.

But since you just spent a fortune on that lease, burning your pockets on decoration seems less than ideal. You might really want to personalize your space and make it yours, but if the funds are lacking, you might think that you have no other option but to leave it blank, with nothingness.

Fortunately, decorating a place tastefully requires a sense of style more than it needs  an abundance of cash. Therefore, we have put together a list of decoration styles and tips that will help you procure affordable wall art for your home or office without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wall, Meet Paint

We don’t mean that you have to go all Jackson Pollock on your wall with dollops of paint yourself, but rather to introduce it to some stunning contemporary art based around the expressionist technique of the legendary artist.

Finding such pieces is not that difficult if you have an eye for aesthetic and have a clear understanding of what kind of paintings would go well with your personal style.

This style of art particularly works wonders with muted surroundings: if you have a rather dull color scheme with your furniture, wall, and flooring, then make it pop with some bright colors on these paintings.

Be Awestruck with Landscapes

Whether you are to show off a new painting at home or at your office, you can never go wrong with an artistic landscape.

While you can select practically anything from this medium, it is recommended that you go with landscapes that tell a story in your mind so that you always have that sense of connection with the painting and can describe it to anyone who takes an interest in it. Essentially, pick art that has meaning, to you.

Admire Wildlife

Wildlife paintings are another classic choice when it comes to decorating places on your property that need to speak to your visitors or even just to yourself.

Some of the most famous sub-sections of this style are equestrian and avian paintings. A magnificent horse or a colorful bird is bound to appeal to those with a free-spirited heart,  if you fall into that category, then exploring this style would certainly be a good choice for you.

Abstract It Away

Much like expressionist art, abstract is one of those styles that never gets old, having an eternal place in the world of art and its admirers.

By delving into this world of shapes and interpretation, you can actually connect to each painting and the definition that it holds for you. This style strikes perfection, especially if your home or office follows a modern décor, as it could then add a particular kick to the environment, hardly be matched by any other.

Meet Some New Faces

Portraits are yet another style that adds character to even the most lackluster of places. With the growing variations in this section of wall art, you don’t have to feel restricted into just having Renaissance-style paintings on your wall but you can also enjoy portraits in some modern and newly developed techniques.

Selecting a painting from this style proves to be fun as well, since you can always go all out on an elaborate character to give life to a room, or select a sweet portrait of a couple to give your bedroom that touch of romance.

Follow Your Instincts

Whatever style you may select, remember that you have the final say in terms of procuring anything that goes on your wall, so stay true to what you like and follow your gut in approving the works which you think work best with your personal style philosophy. Remember, pick the pieces that evoke the most emotion within you, the pieces that bring you to life.

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