How to Reach Optimal Comfort in Your Car

How to Reach Optimal Comfort in Your Car

We spend a lot of time in cars. From the morning and evening work commute, to road trips, to just running errands, and getting where we want or need to go each day, we’re in our cars often enough that they need to be comfortable. Whether you’re prepping to be a passenger in a long road trip, or are looking to make your morning commute a little better, here are a few quick, easy and affordable things you can do to reach optimal comfort in your car.

Add a seat cover


Sitting in the same position in your car can start to get uncomfortable. Even if your seat is already pretty comfy, a seat cover can help make things even better. These auto accessories aren’t only for looks. You can find heated covers, vibrating massage covers, those old-school but surprisingly effective beaded seat covers, and ones with lots of special cushioning and back support. For an instant upgrade to the comfort level in your car, add a special seat cover that addresses your needs. If you’re regularly taking a passenger who you want to make more comfortable, get one for your passenger seat as well.


Use a neck pillow


After you get a special seat cover for your back and bottom, don’t stop there. Neck pain while driving driving is a common thing, but luckily it’s something that can also easily be avoided. Use a neck pillow to support your neck and upper spine. This little touch of comfort and luxury can make even the longest drives so comfortable. Invest in a good travel pillow and you can take it with you whenever you’re on the go.


If you’re in a pinch and need something now or for a low cost, take an old sweatshirt or thick shirt. Roll it up, place it behind your neck and over your shoulders. You might not look the best, but you’ll feel pretty great.


Freshen the Air with a favorite scent


Turn your car into a tropical paradise, fake that new car smell to go with a recent detailing of your old ride, or go with a nostalgic scent that eases your stress whenever you smell it. Air freshener options are out of control these days with there being so many different scents, styles, and delivery systems of car scents. This is a quick and cheap way to turn the inside of your car into a sensory experience or even a fancy place with this chandelier 3D air freshener..


If you don’t like the look of a hanging air freshener but still want the scent, hide the air freshener underneath your dashboard on an emergency brake pedal, cigarette lighter, or other out-of-the-way component of your car.


Get a car organizer


It’s impossible to get comfortable when you’re surrounded by a ton of junk rolling around in a car, or with back seats stacked with things. Clutter can make your car feel smaller. Even a big minivan will feel claustrophobic if it’s filled with stuff, and the clutter will add a level of stress to your drives.


Get a good car organizer and turn that clutter into open, organized space. You’ll know right where everything is, and your passengers will be more comfortable when they’ll actually be able to sit and put their feet down without being all over your stuff.


Get a heated steering wheel cover


If you live somewhere cold or somewhere with a cold winter season, little touches of heat in your vehicle can make a chilly morning ride go from misery to amazing. Get a heated steering wheel cover to keep your hands warm. This can be a game-changer for people with arthritis, too.


Add cup holders


If your car doesn’t come with cup holders, or comes with ones that aren’t right for you, add some new ones. Being able to take along a cold (or hot) beverage can turn your drives into a relaxing experience. Get some spill-proof and insulated travel mugs and you’ll be ready to go.

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