Transform Your Yard into A Tranquility Garden

Transform Your Yard into A Tranquility Garden

The world is a chaotic place. Experts estimate that 77% of people in the US have stress every day, and 73% of people experience physical symptoms along with it. This is why the idea of a tranquility garden is growing in popularity. Can you imagine if your yard had a peaceful sanctuary in it, solely to give you space to relax and breathe deeply?

What Is A Tranquility Garden?

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a place for spiritual retreat in your yard than you already know about the concept of a tranquility garden. This type of garden, also sometimes referred to as a serenity garden, is a plot of land that is set apart from the rest of the landscaping. The specific spot may be small, as in one bench under a tree, or quite large. The purpose of the garden is to carve out a physical location for meditation, quiet reading, prayer, or contemplation.

Living A Life Of Luxury

It is luxurious to relax and unwind. Throughout the day, we may experience stress and pressure. This can come from work tasks and relationships, money concerns, or perhaps family dynamics. The garden that you create can give you a place to transform that stress into a comfortable feeling of peace. It could improve your quality of life, allowing you to step into a new, rich state of being.

How To Create Your Own

To create your meditative garden space, first choose a secluded area in the yard. Next, plan and define the outlines of your garden. You might want to introduce these borders in a physical way, such as with an arbor or wall of some sort. You can also use plantings to define your edges.

Create a place to sit in the garden. This might be a stone or wooden bench, or beautiful chair next to a tranquil trickling water fountain. Next, design the garden so that there is something beautiful to look at when some (maybe you!) is seated in the garden. You could choose to put in a bird bath, flowering plant, or coy pond.

Transform your yard and your life by designing and creating your very own tranquility garden. All you need is a small area of land and some critical pieces of hardscaping. Get into the habit of using your space to build more peace into your life. After all, as garden designer Andre Jackson puts it, “We all need a peaceful place away from the craziness, and there’s no better spot for that than in nature.” Others in your life will enjoy your new sense of calm, and they may even ask to spend some time in your garden as well.

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