4 Train Traveling Tips

4 Train Traveling Tips

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If you are ready to see the entire Canadian country, from Halifax to Vancouver, train is an unforgettable experience – like no other. You will go to sleep in one province and time zone and wake up in a completely different part of Canada. Here are 4 tips for train traveling. 

Pack Light

It’s always recommended to pack light for long-distance train travel, as you don’t want your luggage to take up most of your precious space in your room. And maneuvering multiple heavy bags on and off the train is no fun. Many multi-day train travelers make do with one carry on and one personal item, like a backpack or a tote bag,

Entertainment for You and the Kids

At some point, you might need more than the scenery to keep everyone amused. Be sure to take along books, magazines, a deck of cards or a map to follow your progress on a long journey. If you’re traveling with kids, take toys, games and activities to keep boredom at bay. Be sure to avoid games with too many little pieces that can easily get lost on a moving train. Portable DVD players and video games as well as digital music players can also keep kids entertained. Some trains also have activity cars, including the routes from Toronto to Vancouver and Montreal to Halifax. 

Upgrade to Sleeper Class

In sleeper class, you get a bed to sleep, and access to the dining/activity cars. Meals are included with the sleeper class which is a huge advantage. Within sleeper class, there are different options. The best and most expensive option is a one or two-bed private cabin with your own bathroom. The other sleeper class options are only semi-private. They have bench seats that fold out into a bed, and then you have a curtain to close at night. 

Bring Comfort

The temperature in coaches is uniformly regulated year-round. This means that even if you’re winding your way through the summer months you might find your car a bit nippy, so it’s worth packing a sweater/blanket in your carry-on.

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