Figure Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing!

Figure Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing!

 When you are ready to propose, you spend dozens of hours researching the right cut of diamond as well as the perfect carat and clarity. If you’re really ambitious and adventurous, you plan an elaborate proposal that will make her cry tears of joy and surprise. You want to knock her right off her feet. When she says yes, you also want a diamond engagement ring that will slip onto her finger easily. If the ring is too big or small, it’s going to throw a cloud over a moment you’ll want her to remember for the rest of her life.

If you want to truly surprise her, you’ll have to be sneaky and subtle about getting her ring size without her knowing. If you’re ordering a ring that has channeled diamonds or embedded inlay on the band, you are not going to be able to have the ring sized either. You’ll have to be certain of her ring size before ordering. This is especially true if you’re buying an engagement and wedding band set.

Comparison with Your Finger

If your pinky comes close to matching the size of her ring finger, you could be on the right track for ring size. While it’s not incredibly accurate, it’s a step closer to finding out the right size. When you’re making the comparison, do it with the left hand since one side of everyone’s body is slightly larger than the other. That includes hands and fingers.

Ask a Friend for Help

Instead of guessing and trying to measure with your finger, you can enlist her friend’s help. Make sure this is a friend who can keep a secret though. Have the friend bring up rings in a general way and ask your girlfriend’s ring size. She can report back to you with the right size immediately. This leaves out the guesswork and making a mistake.


You can ask her directly, but that will be a dead giveaway that you’re planning to buy her a ring. Instead, bring her to an inexpensive store that sells cheap rings. Tell her that you’re thinking of buying your mother or sister a simple ring. She’ll never associate the inexpensive store with an engagement ring, so that thought won’t be in her head at all. Ask her size for reference as the two of you compare rings. She can help you chose a ring for your female family member. At the same time, you’ll be able to see what kind of ring style and design she likes.

A Ring She Owns

It’s likely that if you went into her jewelry box, you’d find plenty of rings that she wears. You’ll need to find one that she normally wears on her ring finger though. Every finger can be a slightly different size. When you are looking through her jewelry box, it’s vital that you’re not caught in the act. She can’t notice that one of her rings is missing either. This could send her into a frenzy and cause her to become extremely upset if the ring is important to her. Choose a ring that won’t be missed.

Tracing the Ring

It might be too risky to take a ring if she only has a few or might miss the one you take. You don’t need to resort to thievery if taking her ring bothers you. Bring a piece of paper and a pen to trace the inside and outside of the ring. With these measurements of the ring itself, most jewelers can match the diameter to the right size that you need for the ring. If you’re unsure that the jeweler can make the match, bring the sketch to a few local jewelers to see if they all come up with the same measurement and size. That will give you a definitive answer on size.

Be Straightforward

If you’re trying to keep this a complete secret, this might be the last method on your mind. If other methods of getting her ring size has failed, you could certainly ask her ring size without telling her a thing. You’ll still have some element of surprise since she won’t know when you’re asking or how. It’s the best way to find out the definite size that she wears.

Ring Sizer

If you plan on ordering from an online jeweler, they will often have free ring sizers that they’ll send you to figure out your size. With this sizer, you can check her current rings to find out which size she wears. If you decide to be straightforward, you can show her the sizer and ask her to try one of them on her finger. Sizes can differ depending on the designer of the ring and their own size measurements. A size 6 with one company can be larger than a size 6 with the next.

For your surprise proposal, make sure you’re getting the right size for her engagement ring. If you’re buying a wedding band and engagement combination, you don’t want to make a mistake with the size. It will be impossible to resize.

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