Great Things to Try in the New Year for Grandparents

Great Things to Try in the New Year for Grandparents

With the arrival of the New Year and the hopes for a new start, what could be a better time to take up a hobby? Enjoying your leisure time should be treasured at all ages, especially when we get older. There are several activities you could try to get out of the house, to socialise more and have more exercise. Here are a few suggestions on what you could take up as a new hobby in 2018.

Take a Dancing Class

You don’t need to be young and full of energy to learn how to dance. In fact, dancing can be great fun for all ages and provides an excellent aerobic routine. The activity has many benefits including alleviating depression, reducing stiffness and keeping the brain active. The last one helps protect against dementia. You can choose from a range of classes such as learning to waltz, salsa and other forms of contemporary styles. Get on the computer or look in the local newspaper and see what’s taking place near you.


Perhaps you like to have a potter around the garden every now and again. Maybe you have a few flowers but aren’t too bothered about having anything larger. But, if you enjoy spending time outdoors, why not upscale and take gardening more seriously? Not only can you transform an ordinary space into an attractive area to relax on a summer’s afternoon, but you can also use it to grow your fruit and vegetables.

Become a Twitter

Birdwatching has traditionally been a favourite pastime. A wide variety of birds visit our gardens throughout the day. Some are rarer than others. If you have a love for wildlife, grab a pair of binoculars and a birdwatching book, and you’re set to go. This is an excellent hobby for those who find it difficult to move around and live near nature reserves. All you need to do is sit in the window and document the winged wonders that you see. And if you take this up in earnest, the observations can help local scientists document bird populations.

Amateur Photography

Photos are memories. Some of us fill dusty albums with old black and whites and tuck them away on the shelf. Others frame family pictures and hang them on the walls. Whenever you see them, it reminds you of the past. If you like photography, consider getting a cheap digital camera and snapping a few shots of your own. Learn how to use it and take more shots of your family and later create a scrapbook to give to your children and grandchildren. And when combined with other hobbies, snapping photos of nature, the birds visiting the garden and other exciting things can become an obsession. Photography isn’t for everyone. But how do you know it’s not for you unless you try?

The Importance of Having a Hobby

There are countless reasons why a hobby will enrich your 2018. Just because you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself. Consider learning how to dance, take up gardening, enjoy the wildlife near the house and capture everything on film for future memories. Try at least one of these suggestions and see how much better the year will be.

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