Use Business Cards to Capture the Essence of Your Organization

Use Business Cards to Capture the Essence of Your Organization

Ever found yourself in a situation where promoting your luxury lifestyle brand proved to be difficult?

It happens every so often. You have little time to pitch your idea to a business prospect, or simply do not have the right product images to show them on the spot.

An exchanging of contact details can help a lot during such a situation. But you cannot count on it when you know that a verbal exchange of your phone number or residing in someone’s phone as a random contact may not really help them remember you.

This brings out the question: what do you do when you meet a prospect with little time to present your business image? How you do evoke the feeling of knowing what luxury looks like? And most importantly, how do you help them remember you?

That’s where custom business cards can help you.

Use Custom Business Cards to Present Your Business Image

Even in this day and age where more and more businesses are leaning toward digital transformation, conventional devices such as business cards have been able to maintain their demand.

This is because business cards have the ability of capturing an organization’s essence in a way that their counterparts cannot. Where digital contacts only comprise of text-based characters, business cards can use a multitude of designs to present an organization’s image and even its personality to its potential clients.

Keeping in line with this notion, Basic Invite, a leading personal and business stationery provider, offers an array of products and services to help businesses present themselves in a way that allows people to remember them more easily.


With products such as foil business cards, which come in gold, silver and rose gold, you can ensure to exude the feeling of grandeur that is expected out of a business that deals in luxury lifestyle.

But if that is not what luxury means to your company, then you can go with a variety of other designs that allow your firm to get the most out of color combinations and styles. With over 180 color choices and the ability to choose them for each element on your card, Basic Invite provides you with almost unlimited customization options.

The stationery provider also allows you to order your individual samples right after you have designed your business cards. This way, you are able to hold the card in your hand and see how it feels to the touch before you order a whole bunch. Needless to say, this saves you from a world of pain, and allows you to take as many chances with your design as you want.

And if you want that feeling of grandeur to go one step ahead, you can use customized envelopes to your advantage. With over 40 colors, the peel and seal envelopes are a great way to deliver your quotes and other business documentation in a classy way.


Even if your company has a modern approach to its style profile, Basic Invite has got you covered. With its plastic business cards and related stationery, you can ensure to get the most out of such designs.

With that, Basic Invite also has an online address capturing service, which allows you to let your business prospects provide their addresses to you in a safe and secure way. All that you need to share is a simple URL that is provided by Basic Invite, and you can initiate the process to add prospects to your mailing list easily.

To make the most out of this innovative line of products and services, don’t forget to check out Basic Invite’s site today. The company is currently offering a 15% discount with coupon code: 15FF51 – which is all the more reason to update your stationery as soon as possible.

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