How to Convert Video with Wondershare

How to Convert Video with Wondershare

Taking video has come a long way from when you needed a big camcorder to record a short snippet.  Smartphones and tablets can all take video and most digital cameras can take short snippets of live action as well as the latest generation of video recorders in their many styles.  However, this range of devices creating video has led to one problem – they all use different formats.  That’s where converting your video into a united format is made easy with Wondershare.

What is Wondershare?

Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate is the simplest and quickest way to transfer video from one format to another.  Not only does it cover all of the main formats available across devices but also many unusual ones.  And you have a lot of options to what format you want to convert the video, depending on what you want to do with it.

Currently, the software can easily transfer video taken on any number of devices including:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Xbox and PSP
  • Insta360
  • Virtual Reality headsets

Benefits of the software

One of the biggest problems with converting video from one format to another is the potential loss of content or clarity.  But Wondershare uses Lossless Conversion Technology from the industry-leading APEXTRANS that ensures zero loss of quality while transferring between formats.

The software also offers GPU Acceleration that supports hardware acceleration of NVIDIA, NVENC and Intel HD graphics.  It also can be optimized for multi-core processor that allows you to fully utilize the speed and power of your computer.

Examples of Wondershare in action

One of the most common tasks for Wondershare is for people wanting to know how to convert MOV to MP4.  MOV is a format of video used for Apple devices such as iPhones and Mac computers while MP4 is a common format used in almost any device.  The software easily transfers MOV to MP4 and even has an optimized preset for most all the devices, to ensure the conversion process is as high quality as possible.

You can then burn the video content to DVD and even use the DVD menu template within the software to create personalized discs.  These make great presents for people who attended the event in the video or to promote a business.

Simple conversion

Wondershare’s Video Converter is a very flexible software that means you can do everything from tidy up your video formats to add multiple videos into one.  The simplified interface means no previous experience with this kind of software is required and the lossless conversion ensures nothing is lost from your original.

Download Wondershare Video Converter Here

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