Day Use Hotels

Day Use Hotels

There is a recent phenomenon in the hotel world that people often still don’t know about. We’re talking about day use hotels, hotels that are now offering day rates for using the hotels during a stipulated period during daytime hours.

These hours are generally from 9am-3pm or 9am-5pm or something similar, depending on the particular hotel in question, and the discounts can be quite surprisingly deep, sometimes being as much as 75% off of the hotel’s typical nightly rate.

“Why should you as a traveller care about these promotions?” you may ask. These are actually great deals to take advantage of during those annoying layovers you are often stuck having.

A Proper Crash Space

The vast majority of airports are ill-equipped to deal with people on layovers. You’d think they’d be better set up for this sort of situation, since it happens all the time, and it’s a potential money maker, but the fact of the matter is that they are not.

Getting a nice comfortable luxurious space just to chill and relax for a few hours instead of being stuck at the airport is definitely worth it, especially if you can take advantage of these rates.

Use of the Hotel Facilities

You may not even care about the room itself, but that doesn’t mean these promotions aren’t for you!

How about a nice swim in the hotel’s pool, followed by a dip in the hot tub, and a luxurious shower and drying off using the hotel’s top notch towels? Check.

Or how about taking advantages of the hotel’s spa facilities for an hour or two? Remember a lot of these nicer hotels have world-class spas integrated into them.

And don’t forget to take advantage of the excellent room service for a nice meal.

Business Travellers Benefit Too

Have unfinished business you’d love to wrap up on your layover? Instead of staying in a noisy and crowded airport Starbucks or the like using their mediocre wifi, spend a couple of hours in the hotel’s business center, taking advantage of a real desktop computer with a nice full-size keyboard connected to a solid internet connection, plus printer, fax, any other service you may need.  Oh, and no noise and no distractions.

Not to mention the rooms itself are nice quiet and tranquil places to get work done if you prefer. They are also perfect places for conducting business and doing conference calls over Skype or similar.

So the next time you have a layover, don’t hesitate to check out day rates for hotels in the area. You’ll make your travel experience so much more pleasant and productive overall, it will be more than worth the deeply discounted price.

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