Little Known Facts About E-Juices

Little Known Facts About E-Juices

We’ve all been there. When you vape, you are on a constant quest for the best e-juice. The facts are that the subject is actually a lot simpler than people are making it out to be. Whether it be tobacco e-juice, tobacco e-juice with flavors added, or flavors without tobacco at all, the ingredients are not complicated.

What complicates the issue is the massive amount of disinformation out there, incorrect information that has perhaps been deliberately spread by people for whom the rapidly growing vape industry is perhaps not in their best interests.

Necessary Distinctions

First off, we need to clearly separate e-cigarettes from vape kits. They are often considered to be the same thing or almost the same thing, and they are not.

E-cigarettes are almost always actually made by the same companies that bring you your regular pack of cigarettes. You buy them in the same gas stations where you used to buy other cigarettes and tobacco products, and the juices come in closed disposable cartridges. These cartridges are mass-produced, and, as such, often have mystery and/or questionable ingredients, the same way packaged foods and other mass-produced products for human consumption do.

These have unfairly been lumped in with actual vaping, which has some key differences. The biggie is that the juices used for vaping are generally craft juices and are made to much higher standards than those other tobacco products.

Keep It Simple (Ingredients)

Reputable juices for vaping have very few ingredients in them. Many of the best e-juices on the market actually have only three or four ingredients. This is of course on purpose.

In general, you have the base of the juice, which is made up of propylene glycol (NOT ethylene or diethylene glycol which is indeed toxic and sometimes found in e-cigs) and vegetable glycerin (usually certified organic). Besides these two ingredients, there is pharmaceutical grade nicotine, assuming that the juice contains any nicotine at all, that is, and whatever flavor or flavors are to be added. These flavors are always food grade essences as certified by the FDA. This means that there are essential oils out there that are cheaper and much more potentially toxic than ANY vape juice, as only the best of them are food grade.

We hope this article has helped those reading it get things straight and clear about the nature of e-juices and vaping; hopefully it has made more than one of you put your mind at ease with all the conflicting pseudo-information floating out there.

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