Vaping Trends

Vaping Trends

The vaping world saw tremendous growth in the 2017. Acceptance of vaping grew at a rapid speed with more and more people seeing it as an ingenious way of quitting smoking. Vaping companies put their best foot forward producing cutting edge designs from the e-cigarette to modes to vaping kits.

2018 is a new ball game all together, with the vaping market projected to grow in leaps and bounds. So far, the industry is valued at $6 billion. This amount is expected to increase as the year progresses. Smokers are realizing that vaping is an effective way of quitting smoking harmful cigarettes. With studies revealing that vaping health risks are far less compared to cigarette smoking, a lot of people are expected to have a different perspective of this increasingly popular practice.

Market reports together with research reveal that by the year 2021, the vaping market globally will have reached $32.11 billion. Considering that only 7 years ago the e-cigarettes and vaping market barely existed, with many seeing it as a passing fad, this projection is extremely impressive.  The sector has been recognized as one of the largest growing industries.

Here’s a look at the latest vaping trends:

Vaping Mods

Initially, vaping mods had a number of limitations such as durability, ohms and compatibility. These challenges are progressively being addressed. Mods will be more compatible to different vaping products to ensure that users have a better and improved vaping experience.

Increased Innovation

The e-juice flavors are expanding from citrus tastes to wild fruit and more. Users will have more choices to choose from. The smooth feel derived from food flavorings will still remain.

e-juices will have varied content level of nicotine in an effort to help smokers completely abandon the habit of cigarette smoking.

Vape pens are becoming more attractive. Everybody loves something that stands out. Designers are coming up with creative looks for vape pens. Buyers looking to purchase vape pens will find a wide selection of vape pens in terms of color and design in a vape store

e-juices with a high content of VG are currently being produced. Cloud chasers looking to enjoy thicker vapor in vaping sessions will be glad to know that they will be able to experience thicker clouds of about 70% VG content.

Improved e-Cigs

At the beginning, first-time users were okay with simple e-cigarette products. However, as the users turned into pros and the market transitioned, there was increased demand for better and improved e-cigs. High-end e-cigarettes are now being made to not only last longer but to also vaporize the e-juices more efficiently.

Manufacturers have put more effort, time and money in producing top-quality, durable and high-performing e-cigs. Some companies are coming up with ingenious ways of customizing e-cigarettes to suit the tastes and needs of their customers.

Flexibility in Vape Kits

In the past, vape kits had many limitations. But increased demand called for increased innovations and improvements in the products. For instance, many e-kits were compatible to few varieties of e-juices. Now, they have been modified to work with a wide selection of flavors available in the market.

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