7 Things You Can’t Miss in Melbourne

7 Things You Can’t Miss in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city of many delights, and has a lot to offer to visitors from around the world. If you take a week or more here, you can’t miss these 7 attractions – they are enough to fill up your whole week, and will be more than worth it too. Check them out while you are in Melbourne!

  1. Tour Of Ramsay Street

Neighbours show is one of the most famous exports from Australia, with viewers tuning in from around the world. While the interiors are done in a studio, the exterior scenes are filmed on a real street. You can take an official tour of Ramsay Street to see all the familiar locations for yourself, and you might even be lucky enough to bump into some of the actors while filming is underway!

  1. Phillip Island Penguin Parade

The Little Penguins who live on Phillip Island make a daily trip from their homes to the shore, where they dive in to catch their food for the day. At night, they return home, making a parade across the sand. This is an amazing sight to catch and will definitely warm your heart, as the great mass of penguins head to their beds! Phillip Island also boasts other wildlife population such as a large colony of fur seals, which you can also witness.

  1. Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Some of the best wine in the world comes from the Yarra Valley, and what better way to sample it than on a tour of the wineries themselves? Here you can see how the grapes are grown and harvested before being turned into wine. You can learn about the whole process as well as how they produce different flavours in different wineries. You will also, of course, get to sample all of the different varieties – and maybe buy a few bottles to take home for yourself at a discounted price.

  1. Flinders Street Station

There’s a saying in Melbourne: “I’ll meet you under the clocks”. This phrase refers to Flinders Street Station, the famous train station with huge clocks above the entranceway. Make sure that your sightseeing tour of Melbourne includes this iconic station – and if you feel adventurous, you can even go on a day trip from here to any number of nearby attractions. It’s a photo opportunity you won’t want to miss. Find a hotel close by here and you will be right in the centre of the action.

  1. Melbourne Museum

If you want to get lost for the whole day, the Melbourne Museum is a great place to do it. It’s huge and filled with so many exhibits that you might leave before you’ve even seen it all! Kids will love the giant dinosaur skeletons in particular, and there are areas dedicated to colonial homesteads, WWII and WWI, body parts, the human brain, and Aboriginal traditions. You can also get lunch here if you want, with a café on site. It’s family fun for everyone, but adults will still enjoy themselves with plenty of information on display.

  1. Lunch Or Dinner Cruise

With a river cutting right through the city, you can be sure that there are plenty of opportunities for short cruises. Take a lunch or dinner river tour and you will see all of the sights right from the riverbanks. You can enjoy sightseeing even while you eat, which is a great way to make the most of your time in the city!

  1. Melbourne Zoo

If you love animals, then this one will be a real treat. All kinds of exotic breeds are housed at the Melbourne Zoo, such as lions and tigers, gorillas, elephants, seals, penguins, wombats, and so much more. Even just wandering around this zoo is a great way to spend the day, but they have plenty of activities for you to try as well, not to mention eateries and gift shops. It’s a great day out for the whole family.

Make sure that you don’t leave Melbourne without crossing each of these things off your list. It’s the easy way to ensure that your trip is absolutely unforgettable, as each of them represents the best that Melbourne has to offer!

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