Optimize Your Lifestyle With Online Butchers to Get the Best Grass Fed Meat

Optimize Your Lifestyle With Online Butchers to Get the Best Grass Fed Meat

Organic butchers used to be few and far between, but now there are many to choose from. But this still doesn’t mean that they are all created equally. How do you know you are truly getting the best quality and value, especially in the case of online butchers? What is it that sets some head and shoulders above all the others?

One of the main ways to keep the standard high and truly optimize your lifestyle in a meaningful way is to insist on grass fed meat, with no compromise. People can call themselves organic or free range butchers all they want, many times without their products having to be grass-fed. And if there is one true indicator of quality in organic products that can cut through all the posturing and false labeling, that is it.

Of course, having said that, it’s also very important to consider how the meat was raised. Both from an ethical and from a quality standpoint, it’s important that the animal had a cage-free existence at every point, and was allowed a large free range of motion. Insist on 100% free range with no half-measures. Just allowing the animals a little bit of light and fresh air but still keeping them tightly penned up is not acceptable. Not only is it unethical and unnecessarily cruel, it also affects the quality of the food you will end up putting in your body.

We have found that while companies that cater to online customers and comply with this criteria are relatively rare, they do exist. One recommendation for a company that fulfills all expectations is cannings butchers, who are very strict about where there products are sourced from, yet still manage to get a wide variety of products to your door, at a reasonable price, and guaranteed. Online companies like these really take on the work from you to find good sources of these products. They have the best beef, pork, chicken, and seafood available.

So now you know that it’s possible to get the best quality food online, feel free to leave those trips to the dubious quality supermarket or that farmer’s market with the severely limited hours behind. You can do it online without sacrificing quality or compromising your ethical standards either! Now if you excuse us, we have some delicious grass-fed steaks to order up!

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