Indica vs. Sativa: What’s The Major Difference?

Indica vs. Sativa: What’s The Major Difference?

There are 2 main species of cannabis: indica and sativa. Each species has its own unique characteristics and each offers a distinctive high. If you’re not sure which species you should be using, it will help you if you understand the differences in the 2 options and how each might benefit you. If you’ve found Green Door West by searching for “marijuana delivery near me,” you can be assured that we can deliver indica or sativa marijuana to you.

The Origin of the 2 Species

We know a lot about the cannabis plant, but there are still some facts that are up in the air. For instance, many experts can’t say definitively if cannabis is one, 2, or 3 species of plant. These experts typically agree that cannabis comes from Asia’s central regions, specifically southern Siberia and Mongolia. However, they can’t argue a concrete case for the number of major subtypes of the plant or whether or not there’s even more than the 2 known major subtypes.

In 1973, biologist Carl Linnaeus first identified Cannabis sativa. Later, in 1985, Jean-Baptiste Lamarack described Cannabis indica, a second species of the plant with origins in India. Jean-Baptiste Lamarack found that his newly discovered species had characteristics unlike sativa. Today, indica and sativa are widely accepted as 2 primary subtypes of the cannabis plant, and physical appearance is the main way of identifying these subtypes.

Indica Characteristics

Indica plants are bushy and short. They reach a growing height of just 2 to 4 feet, and they have fewer branches, which are short with wide dark leaves. Indicas mature in a time span that’s shorter than sativas, and they’re usually harvested between 6 to 8 weeks. Indica’s high is generally psychoactive, and it’s associated with that “couch lock” feeling that you might have heard of or experienced. Indicas are perfect for those who need help with sleeping or with stress relief.

Sativa Characteristics

Sativa plants are usually thin and tall, in fact, they can grow up to 20 feet tall. They grow long branches that sprout narrow leaves, which are almost always light green in color. Sativas take more time to mature than indicas, and they’re typically harvested between 10 and 16 weeks. The high you get from a sativa is more stimulating, and it offers a feeling of easiness and wellbeing. Sativas are ideal for those who need pain relief, but still need to be able to function during the day.

Marijuana Delivery Near Me: What Will It Be?

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