Movavi Slideshow Maker Review

Movavi Slideshow Maker Review

Have you ever seen some of those snappy photo slideshows that others have uploaded onto social media? Creating a slideshow from photos is the perfect way to compile the best parts of a particular event, holiday, or special occasion – and it will also give you the chance to jazz it up with some music to boot.

Assuming you want to do that then Movavi Slideshow Maker will be the ideal tool to make it happen. Not only will it make it easy for you to create a slideshow from any photos you may have, but it will also create it in video format – so you can quite easily share it online, upload it onto social media, or even burn it onto a DVD.

When you get started and actually create your slideshow using Movavi Slideshow Maker the first thing you’ll need to do is select the mode that you want to use. If you just want to know how to make a slideshow with music, transitions and photos then you can use the ‘Easy mode’ to get the job done quickly. However if you’d prefer a bit more control and would like to incorporate videos, customizable titles, and so on – then the ‘Full feature mode’ would be better suited to it.

In either case, you simply need to add the photos (or videos) that you want to use in your slideshow to Movavi Slideshow Maker. Once you do you’ll be able to then polish it by:

  • Adding stylish animated transitions to link slides together so that they feel more connected.
  • Including background music by choosing one of the built-in tracks or using your own.
  • Setting the slide duration to match the tempo of the background music.
  • Inserting various styles of text that can be edited to create unique captions, titles, or watermarks.
  • Applying different types of special effects to give your slideshow a unique atmosphere and visual style.
  • Recording a voiceover on the spot to add to your slideshow as a narration.
  • Improving the quality of photos and videos with a single click.

Simply put these tools will allow you to edit your slideshow and improve it in various ways. It should be noted that many of these features will only be in the ‘full feature’ mode, but the ‘easy mode’ offers a more streamlined approach that is a lot faster and will get the job done if all you require is a basic presentation.

All said and done it is up to you to choose which approach suits your needs best. In either case Movavi Slideshow Maker will certainly rise to the occasion, and give you everything you need to create an impressive slideshow out of your photos.

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