How to Use a Spying App If You Have a Cheating Spouse?

How to Use a Spying App If You Have a Cheating Spouse?

Marriage or companionship is not easy, especially when you suspect infidelity from your spouse. This may badly affect your married life. Are you sure your spouse is cheating on you or are you just being paranoid?

If you feel you’re being cheated, then escape the nagging suspicion and resort to spying apps to monitor your partner. This may put your mind at ease. Either you’ll be relaxed or your worst fears will come true. The choice is definitely yours.

You’re being lied? Use iPhone spying app

Trying to figure out if your spouse is truly busy or merely fibbing when he/she has cancelled your dinner date? Is your partner over-reacting at your innocuous questions? Talking to The Huffington Post, Daniel Levitin, a Ph.D professor at McGill University says, If she answers your questions with questions, responding that way Is a tell.”

The only way to catch your partner with valid proof is through a spying app. He’s using an iPhone and has passcodes and fingerprints to lock up his phone? Not a problem! iPhone spying app such as XNSPY can help you snoop into his private life and get all the information. But first you must install the app.

If your spouse has an iPhone which is Jailbroken, then it’s easy to install the app. All you need is a one-time access to your partner’s phone and the app will take around 3-5 minutes to install. Once downloaded, you can begin spying from your own phone.

What if his iPhone is Non-Jailbroken? Then again, installation is easy. No physical access to your partner’s phone is required, thanks to iCloud software. Thus, spying apps come as handy as you can figure out your partner’s next move.

How to capture evidence of a cheating partner?

An iPhone spying app is a powerful surveillance tool. Once you’ve worked your way through installation and downloading, you can login the credentials to the spy app and remotely monitor the activities of your spouse. Here are some ways you can discreetly keep a tab on your spouse.

1. View their calls and contacts

First thing a spy would snoop into, when he gets an access to someone’s phone is the target’s contacts and calls. The entire call log can be monitored as you may view their incoming, outgoing, and missed calls along with the name of the contact, date and time. Call duration is also visible. For further satisfaction, you can view the contact list of your target. And if you want to know if some particular person has been in contact with your spouse, you can watch-list the name of that person so that you can be notified whenever that person contacts your spouse.

2. Don’t forget to read the texts and chats

You can’t call someone for every little thing. Therefore texting is a better alternative. Worried that your partner might be ‘sweet talking’ on his message conversation with others? Use XNSPY and read the whole thread of conversation either on ‘SMS’ or other chat platforms including iMessages, WhatsApp. Skype, etc. if you don’t have enough time to read through every message of your partner with his contacts, you can watch-list specific words such as ‘sex’ or ‘love’, so that whenever such words are used in message correspondence, you can get instant alerts on your phone.

  1. Watch where your spouse is going

Rather than spending time with you, if your partner is frequently making excuses to stay out of home, there will be alarm bells ringing in your head. Before hurling accusations at your spouse, use spying app to track his GPS location so that you can confirm whether your partner is lying to you or simply being truthful. You can know his whereabouts whenever you want. You can also browse his location history for the day, in which the name of the location along with the accurate time and date will be mentioned.

Through geo-fencing, you can mark certain places as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’. If you have marked a certain place you do not approve off as ‘unsafe’, and your partner enters that place, you will get an instant alert on your phone.

  1. More evidence? Here it is!

What else could be better than hearing the call recordings of your spouse with his contacts? You can know exactly what is going on in their life. This is possible in an iPhone spying app. not only this, you can also record the surrounding voices to get better idea of in-room conversations taking place near your spouse. Moreover, you can remotely command your target phone to lock the screen, wipe data from the phone, block some apps, etc.

The verdict!

Technology answers questions that your lying spouse can refuse to provide. Getting the evidence of your partner’s infidelity can help you either save your relationship or free you from a life of worry and doubt. Begin to unravel your partner’s infidelity by monitoring his activities using spying apps.


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