How to Pick the Perfect Valentine’s Lingerie for Your Loved One

How to Pick the Perfect Valentine’s Lingerie for Your Loved One

Choosing underwear for a woman can be a tricky proposition, even if you are a woman yourself!  But there’s no doubt that lingerie makes an excellent Valentine’s gift and can set the mood for a great evening.  So how do you go about choosing the perfect Valentine’s lingerie for your loved one?

Sneaky research

It never hurts to do a little sneaky research before you make any decisions about what to buy.  After all, if the lady hates a certain type of underwear then she’s much less likely to wear it even if it is a gift.  So a little peep into her underwear drawer can give you some insight into what she likes – just make sure you don’t get caught!

For example, pushup bras and under bust corsets can give the bust a boost but if the lady has a larger bust size, she might not welcome this.  Babydolls are very sexy and if she is a little conscious about her belly then this might make her feel more relaxed and comfortable.  Boyshorts and ruched rear panties can help give the bottom a bit of a boost but again, if she is a bit conscious about her shape then this might not be ideal.

Red Passion Play Bustier

Red is practically compulsory when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts and the Red Passion Play Bustier makes for a sexy and easy to wear present that can be worn for practical purposes as well as for fun ones.  The bustier has underwires on the cups to give support and uses a combination of polyvinyl and lace molded into shape.  It has adjustable straps and garters to get the perfect fit and comes with a match red cotton-lined G-string.  There are also sheer red stockings to finish the look.

Shalimar Robe Lingerie Set

Feeling great when you go to bed is something most women enjoy and the Shalimar Robe Lingerie Set helps with this.  The set includes a short length kimono robe with an attached belt to keep what’s underneath hidden until the right moment.  There is a matching babydoll with low back and crisscross straps that are adjustable and also a padded lingerie hanger to keep the set perfect when not in use.  There are four color options including black and red.

Christy Cami Lingerie Sleepwear Set

This two-piece sleepwear set is also great for lounging around a hotel room on vacation.  It includes a scallop lace trimmed cami with heart details making it perfect for Valentine’s and also the matching shorts.  It comes in white with soft pink touches and lace trim.

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