The Most Important Part of your New Apartment

The Most Important Part of your New Apartment

Let’s think about it for a minute. You have perhaps a little apartment in the city. A nice little place, but you want to fix it up. Where should you start? What is REALLY the most important part of your apartment?

Some people would start with the living room or maybe the kitchen, especially if they are of the foodie persuasion. Some of us maybe would upgrade the bed first, and this is definitely not a bad thing. You are going to sleep here and pass intimate moments here. But there is something even more important: your shower.

It’s really simple: showers are luxury. And the better the shower, the more luxury you have.

Now how does a shower get more and more luxurious? What features really make for the ultimate in shower luxury? Let’s analyze…

  • Perfect control over your water temperature. All the time. No more fiddling with the controls endlessly.
  • Steam showers allow you to turn your shower into a steam room. Highly recommended and very healthy, as well as great romantic potential.
  • The best water delivery systems provide the best showering experience making you feel completely immersed in the water while actually saving water.
  • Music and aromatherapy delivery systems being integrated with the shower take the experience to yet another level. Mood lighting is another excellent option to include in your ultimate shower.
  • More room and a place to sit are also musts to further all of the above.
  • Some of these units can even double as de facto Jacuzzis. Not a feature to be overlooked at all.

Our favorites over here are the excellent line of Insignia Steam Showers. They offer several different options depending on your personal tastes and needs, and also the amount of space you have available and your own budget.

Let me repeat: don’t be afraid to splurge on a shower. Especially, don’t be afraid of paying for quality. You will be rewarded with luxury that will last you for decades on end. Heck, your children may even inherit that incredible shower with all the bells and whistles still working!

And in the meantime, every time you come home you will come home to another awesome experience in that shower. You know you deserve this; you can feel it in your bones. The rest of your apartment can wait, honestly. Take care of your shower needs first and foremost.

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