Basic Invite, A One-Stop Invitation Site

Basic Invite, A One-Stop Invitation Site

Basic Invite is a Web-based card and printing service which has a strong emphasis on wedding planning. It also offers materials for the usual variety of “party” events, and also business promotion.

You will find options for all sorts of printing matter: straight invitations, but also directions, registry invitations, wedding programs, bound guest books, and even fridge magnets with “save the date”. It even offers wedding-themed “Mad Libs”.

A great variety of themes are offered to start with, from “Classic”, “Romantic” or “Rustic” to less common ideas like “Succulent” or “Gatsby”. The customer gets to edit the text offered, including a choice of lots of non-standard fonts. Colors are there in plethora. If you don’t like “Dark Leaf” or “Moonstone”, you can try “School Bus” or “Lava”. There is also a choice of papers: Smooth Coated, Signature Matte, Double Thick, and Shimmer, among others.

You can also order custom samples to make sure you like the result.

Similar options for everything are available for the accompanying envelopes, including a custom envelope liner band. The envelopes are “peel-and-seal” to save on wearing licks.

If you are not satisfied with any of the pre-fab offerings, you can Upload your own design via JPEG to incorporate.

A truly unique offering is invitations printed on wood. Yes, real cherry wood, pressure mounted on heavyweight cardstock. The same facility for editing the text is available.

Sending out addressed invitations is made easy through the site’s address collecting service. Using this will create a custom “landing” page for the event where those wanting to come can enter their addresses. When they are collected, the list can be used to print to the ordered envelopes.

And in addition to the “paperwork”, customers can created a free hosted Web site for the event. Again, they can start by selecting one of a large number of themes, edit the text and pictures as before, and end by creating an event page with sections like “The Happy Couple”, “Our Story”, information on the event, directions, and forms for guests to enter their responses.

We hope this intrigues you enough to get you to visit Basic Invite and check out all the possibilities we did not have space for in tis brief account.

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