How to Choose a New TV for the Lounge

How to Choose a New TV for the Lounge

Whether you are a gadget fan or not, choosing a new TV is a big decision and with the range of features on today’s televisions, it can also be a complicated one.  You want the right TV for your lounge that the kids can enjoy and you can operate without spending hours gaining a virtual degree in TV technology.  So, what are the main areas to consider when choosing a new TV?

Screen size

Perhaps the first decision is the size of your screen and one thing to remember is that if you are going from an older TV, you can likely go up a screen size without increasing the space needed.  This is because modern TVs don’t have that bulky rim around the edge and are almost entirely screen.  This can gain you an inch or two without needing a bigger space on your wall or TV cabinet.

The other thing to think about is how far away will be you be sitting from the TV?  A general idea is that if you are less than 1.5 metres from the screen, go for a 32-inch screen.  You can go up to 40-45 inch if you are some 2-2.5 metres away and if you are over 3 metres from the screen, supersize it to 56 inches or above.

Quality of picture and sound

Another important consideration is the quality of the picture.  At the moment, 4K or Ultra High Definition is the top standard of TV technology offering four times the number of pixels as a standard Full HD TV.  Models such as the Panasonic HDR 4K TV use this high standard of picture and also employ clever pedestals that let you position the angle of the TV just right for the placement of furniture in your room.

All TVs have built in speakers but with the demand for thinner TVs, some people find that you get the best quality sound, it is worth adding a soundbar or speaker system.  these are known as home cinema systems and there are even wireless versions that don’t require cables to run between them.  This allows you to position the speakers around the room to get the best of your TV’s sound.

Smart TVs

If you want to watch services like Netflix or Amazon Video, then one easy way to do this is to have a TV that can connect to the internet and stream shows straight to your screen.  These are known as Smart TVs and most good quality televisions will have this facility.  You still need a box to watch services such as Sky or use the Freeview channels but you can access a variety of apps through your TV and even check social media or watch YouTube videos.

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