Ways To Not Have To Pack Luggage

Ways To Not Have To Pack Luggage

This is the quintessential modern dilemma: we know that the less baggage you bring on a plane, the better, but we also know there are certain things we need to have when we’re travelling. Today, we’re going to look at ways around having to check luggage on a plane flight, to avoid it potentially not arriving with us (several airlines, we are looking at YOU), lengthy secondary inspections, and just general chaos getting all that stuff through airports.

Order Stuff Online For Your Destination:

This one is surprisingly easy and effective, and not even that expensive, why is why we put it first on the list.

The days of meta shopping, even for things like clothes, are here, and taking advantage of this is a very powerful thing. Wise travellers can now input their destination, shop over multiple sites for clothes, and have them be waiting for them at their destination. Most hotels or Airbnb hosts will gladly receive clothes and other knick knacks for you, maybe for a nominal fee.

This has the added benefit of having brand new clothes to wear at your destination, especially selected for the climate and environment over there. And of course, you can always bring along a personal favorite or two in a carry-on.

Buy Stuff At Your Destination:

This is a good option if you are going to a good shopping destination, of course. Also, this is a little more time-consuming than the online route, and despite seeming more spontaneous, actually requires more planning. You need a good knowledge of the shopping scene where you are going, where to go, what their hours are, how to get there and back, and what kind of clothes they sell at what price. But ultimately, this is a great option where you feel you want to blend in more with the locals, for whatever reason, or you maybe want clothes from that destination to add to your wardrobe back home.

Of course, at any rate, you don’t want to have to take them in checked luggage; that’s the whole point of this article. So:

Send Stuff Via Courier:

This has been a perennial option for the high-class and the high-powered for decades now. Door to door pickup and dropoff, and much less waiting around at airports, plus you get to have all your “own” stuff. This is for when you HAVE to bring things with you that are too big for carry-ons, or as mentioned above, when you want to send clothes and/or souvenirs home.

This can actually be cheaper than the airlines, or can be way more expensive, but if you’re considering this option, money probably isn’t a huge concern for you.

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