Online Invitations, The Right Invitations for your Wedding

Online Invitations, The Right Invitations for your Wedding

Maybe you have a wedding coming up that you are diligently planning. It could be a small wedding, or a large one, and it could be very casual or very formal.

If it’s a big enough event, or in some cases no matter how small it is, you are going to need invitations. And you may be thinking of going to the trouble to design, order and pick up paper invitations. We’d like to convince you that this is no longer necessary, as a matter of fact it’s largely a waste of time.

Some purists really like the idea of wasting trees on paper invitations, but the fact of the matter is in today’s day and age, online invitations can be seen as completely one hundred percent appropriate, even in the case of the most formal wedding. There is no need for the extra work and expense, and in fact there are benefits to using paperless invitations in any case.

Benefits Of Going Paperless:

First, let’s start with what should be the painfully obvious. Email is always going to be much more reliable than any physical mail could ever be. Of course, neither are perfect, but email has gotten better and better throughout the years, and the good old USPS has deteriorated. Some people may make the argument that email is used a lot for spam, but once again that argument loses heavily; email has its spam, but snail mail has a much higher percentage of it. So much for “elegant” mail. One could even venture to say that it’s easier for an RSVP to get lost in someone’s snail mail than on email, which generally has good spam filters set up to let the good stuff in and keep the bad stuff out.

Better Organization:

Setting your email-based invitations is not only easy, it’s easy to set things up so that everything gets organized automatically as people RSVP and enter data. You can set up rules so that people are automatically seated at tables as they RSVP; this is something that may be subject to change at a later date, but having a first draft at least is a huge time saver.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. You can have data automatically populate spreadsheets for gift registries, or food preferences which can then be tabulated and directly forwarded to the caterers, all reducing the possibility for miscommunication and problems down the line.

So in conclusion, don’t be afraid to go the online route for your wedding, and the bigger and more formal the wedding, the better.


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