How to Create a Fashion Forward Smartphone

How to Create a Fashion Forward Smartphone

People spend much time thinking about how their shoes, handbags, and other accessories make them look. You may not put as much thought into your smartphone’s fashion. However, other people will see your smartphone more often than they see you wearing a particular pair of shoes, so creating a fashion-forward device makes you look good.

Put the following four tips into practice so that you can create a more fashion-forward smartphone.

Get a Cozy or Wallet for Your Smartphone

You don’t have to buy a new case to give your smartphone a stylish upgrade. Instead, you can get a cozy or wallet that holds your device.

A cozy makes a great option for people who prefer a natural look. Crafted from yarn, you’ll find a cozy to be similar in style to comfortable quilts.

Wallets can vary much by material and aesthetic. You can find wallets for your smartphone made from leather, faux leather, and recycled plastic. Not all people who make wallets use environmentally friendly materials, though, so you should pay close attention to product descriptions before you buy anything.

Start With an Attractive, Tech-Savvy Base Design

If you buy an ugly phone, you’ll have a difficult time making it look attractive. Start by choosing a smartphone that gives you a sleek, functional base. The Samsung Galaxy S7, for example, with its chic Gold Platinum design, crisp Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, and a dual-pixel smartphone camera can help you achieve that level of functional attractiveness. When you partner your stylish and tech-rich phone with T-Mobile’s network, you’ll enjoy a fast, reliable 4G LTE network with the power to stream unlimited music and videos.

Consider Upgrading to an Off-Market Case

If you don’t already have a phone with a stylish exterior, then you may want to upgrade by purchasing an off-market case or shell. Manufacturers design most phone shells for protection. Although the cases may not look great, they will prevent your phone from getting damaged if you drop it. Since most developers focus on making protective cases, you may have to spend a little time looking for some stylish options.

You can find many decorative shells and cases on websites such as Etsy, so think about starting your search at this online retailer. Some crafty people also make their own cases from eco-friendly sources of materials such as wood and bamboo.

Before you buy a new case or shell, make sure that the material fits your smartphone correctly. Phones come in different shapes and sizes. If you choose the wrong shell, then that covering may not fit the phone you have.

Use Apps to Change Your Screen’s Appearance

Installing certain apps can also help you create a fashion-forward smartphone. Apps such as Zedge, Ultimate Custom Clock Widget, and Zooper Widget let you make customized home screens so that the screens match your style preference.

Some home screen widgets and apps also let you take control of your home screen’s functionality. Instead of adding a cool, new background image, you can have your screen display the apps that you use most often. Some of the apps will also change your lock screen to tell you the time, date, and other important information in attractive ways.

Explore all the widgets and apps available on the Google Play Store to find one that you like. Avoid third-party sellers because they can potentially expose you and your device to unwanted malware. The Google Play Store has plenty of apps and widgets to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an option that makes your phone screen gorgeous.

Fashion influences the way other people perceive you. You spend time and money on your clothing, so it makes sense to do the same for your smartphone. After all, your smartphone is one of the most important possessions that you own. Your phone keeps you connected to your friends, work, games, and news. You need only a minimal amount of effort to turn your current phone into a fashion-forward device that will impress everyone you meet.

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