Go Costal In Australia When Buying A Home

Go Costal In Australia When Buying A Home

The real estate business is a very cyclical one, but it’s also heavily based on trends. It’s important when investing to try and catch one of those trends at the beginning, and ride the wave to prosperity, getting in early in on the game, so to speak.

One important prediction is that there will be further increase of interest on living in the coast, and moreover this is an especially important wave to catch, as most of the Australian coastline is getting built up all over. This could be the final hurrah of the cheap deals, the last chance to get something reasonable but still on the water.

You have to keep in mind: waterfront property in any locality that has any waterfront property at all is a very finite resource, and it gets built up in stages. We are entering a final stage right now in many area markets that represents deals that (once adjusted for inflation) we will probably never see again.

The best deals this year we are predicting will be in Perth and Brisbane, with a special mention to Perth above all. This is a medium-sized market all set to become a major one. Check out these Perth housing and land packages from Lendlease. This represents a rare deal when you consider those places are on the water.

Perth and Brisbane are better in general, but buying specifically right on the coast has several marked advantages to it: Firstly, you get to enjoy the water while you live there. Secondly, if you decide to go somewhere else they are the easiest places to sell off and rent out. Thirdly, the appreciation is going to be the best on those properties.

Even if you decide not to flip it, having that extra equity can do wonders for your credit. This will be a major consideration in coming years, since interest rates are eventually going to have to start swinging up again, and those who are financially prepared will be the ones who will have the easiest and best time weathering the economic storm that such actions will invariably cause.

So go out and snap up some of that prized real estate at these prices which are never to be seen again. Take in those ocean views, swim around, and watch your home’s value jump even monthly. You will be glad you did years down the road.

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