7 Essential Tips for Enhancing your Business Wardrobe

7 Essential Tips for Enhancing your Business Wardrobe

Do you reckon that your business wardrobe could do with upgrading? Maybe it’s because you are about to start a new job or haven’t liked what you have seen upon catching sight of yourself in a mirror in the work toilets. Whatever the reason, here are some quick tips that you can follow to give your corporate look a revamp that, who knows, could even help you to win that coveted promotion.

Start with neutral colours

These colours can include black, grey, tan or navy – and, by using them, you can make your overall attire look more consistent while saving a lot of time. Lifehacker reported that the only suits worn by former US President Barack Obama would be gray or navy; this prevented him having to spend too much time trying to decide what colour suit to put on each morning.

Be willing to spend more on footwear

StyleDiary founder Patricia Handschiegel has insisted: “You can only really tell cheap with shoes and bags.” So, it’s probably not a good idea to severely curb your budget for shoes in the hope that the footwear you buy won’t look cut-price. Still, “cheap” and “good value” shoes aren’t strictly the same. The latter include the professional-looking boots available from clothes retailer Dickies Life.

Purchase the most vital clothes first

What are the most vital clothes? It will perhaps depend heavily on your particular situation and needs; for example, you should probably forgo a tuxedo if it won’t be necessary on at least three occasions over the following few years. Also, bow ties are unlikely to be needed right away.

Spruce up your wardrobe with accessories

Happy with the basics? Then add some accessories to inject more variety into your wardrobe. Ties are a good idea for men, while women could benefit from picking up more jewellery. Whatever you do, however, choose accessories that complement, rather than overly clash with, your main clothes.

Buy great pieces in multiple colours

Whenever you come across a piece that you take an immediate liking to and nicely fits you, investigate to see if you can purchase further versions of the piece in different colours. When shopping on the Dickies Life website, it’s easy to see which pieces are available in which colours.

Ladies – be careful when reading fashion magazines

If you are a woman, your corporate wardrobe will be, compared to a man’s, more complex than “suit, shirt, tie” for every day. However, you probably shouldn’t take close account of fashion magazines’ claims that a new wardrobe is needed for each season. For putting together a well-balanced wardrobe, here is some advice from Real Simple.

Don’t rush to fill out that wardrobe

Buying new clothes wisely is more important than buying them quickly. So, don’t put yourself under pressure to get your new items all at once. Spend on quality clothes that will last longer and keep in mind that creating your revamped wardrobe could take anywhere from a day to a couple of years.

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