What are the Top Trends for Interiors in 2017?

What are the Top Trends for Interiors in 2017?

One of the big steps when you are renovating a part of your home is to look at the trends for inspiration.  While there’s nothing to say you have to follow them, trends give us ideas about what will be available in the shops.  If you plan to sell the house in the coming 12 months, they can also help attract the trend-orientated buyer too.

In the kitchen

The big trend for this year if you are considering renovation your kitchen is the matte look.  The glossy, shiny kitchen cupboards and appliances have given way to the urge to have matte looks and black is a big part of the trend.  Matte black unit doors and other features in a room add a very sophisticated look and combined with matte effect metals in appliances and fixtures, the look is very on-trend.

If the matte black look isn’t to your tastes or doesn’t suit your room, then the use of marble in the kitchen might be more appealing.  The use of marble around the house has been growing in the last couple of year and this year looks to be the one for it.  Marble worktops, bathroom sinks and even marble accessories are going to be very popular and also offer a natural touch to a space.

Subway tiles aren’t a new idea but are very on-trend this year.  Part of it is their versatility and ability to work in almost any space.  They are great with dark grout in farmhouse and country style kitchens while there are even matte glass versions that can combine well with the matte trend mentioned above.

Around the house

The use of ‘cerused’ finish in wood around the house is big this year but what does this mean?  Quite simply, it is a technique used to bring out the grain of the wood and highlight its natural qualities.  Companies like IKEA use this kind of look in a lot of their furniture, bringing out the individual nature of each piece of wood.  There are some excellent discount prices on IKEA furniture available on this site at the moment that are worth checking out if you plan to embrace the trend.

Another area that IKEA is a great example of a company embracing is including smart tech in subtle ways in the furniture around the house.  One of their examples is a bedside cabinet that charges your smartphone while it sits on it overnight.  The company have created numerous ways to charge devices in their furniture, recognizing the growing importance of such devices.

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