Benefits In-Car Bluetooth Provides That You May Not Have Thought Of

Benefits In-Car Bluetooth Provides That You May Not Have Thought Of

Bluetooth is one amazing technology. But like anything else, it has evolved and come along way since it was discovered.

One way it has evolved is its capabilities in the car. Originally meant to allow for hands-free phone speaking while driving, Bluetooth technology has become much more than just a safety and convenience communication device.

Here are a few additional benefits Bluetooth in your car provides:

1) Hands-Free Text Messaging. Thousands of accidents occur as a result of texting while driving. People, still though love to multi-task and want to communicate with others while operating a vehicle.  This highly unsafe activity can now be fixed with the help of in-car Bluetooth. That is because most smartphones give you bi-directional access to your text messages, meaning that your phone can read to you your text messages while driving. It can also allow you to dictate a text message simply by talking into your car’s speaker.

2) It Can Save You Money On Radio Subscriptions. With in-car Bluetooth you can stream audio from your smartphone into your car’s speakers. This means services such as Pandora can act as your music source and you cancel paid subscriptions such as Satellite radio.

3) It Can Become A Navigation Assistant. Thanks to Bluetooth you no longer need to watch your smartphone or GPS when you need directions. Instead, turn-by-turn directions can be dictated to you via your car’s speakers from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. This is another safety feature so you can keep your eyes not on a small screen but on the road.

4) You Can Have A Co-Pilot With Siri. Because of Bluetooth technology, if you have an Apple device, Siri can take care of various tasks while you are driving. For example, you can simply speak into your speakers while cruising on the highway asking Siri to look up movie times and check on traffic alerts. Simply talk and you will now get accurate answers.

While many new cars now come equipped with Bluetooth technology built-in you don’t have to feel left out should your vehicle be older or not include that feature. There are now various, affordable third-party devices that can be added to your car, truck or van that will enable Bluetooth technology to any vehicle on the road. Check out the Bluetooth accessories from Selby.

Not only is Bluetooth fun but also it has become an extremely useful safety feature.  Take advantage of all its opportunities!

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