How To Spot A Dating Scam: Most Common Red Flags

How To Spot A Dating Scam: Most Common Red Flags

With the influx of different dating apps, the modern person’s dating pool has suddenly seen a significant expansion.

Gone are the days when your options to date ended with just two downward scrolls on your address list. Now, more platforms translate to more profiles, and more profiles automatically render into a plethora of choices for you to select.

But with more choices comes the possibility of higher chances to be scammed. Call it catfishing, fraud, or a swindle, the fact remains that these scams could leave you emotionally and financially disturbed – sometimes for the long term.

That is why, most people who use dating sites always advise others to read through Russian dating reviews, American dating suggestions, and European dating tips on a consistent basis.

If you are one to frequent dating apps and want to steer clear of pesky scams, then keeping the following signs in mind would help a lot in that regard.

Scammers Use Pictures That are More Headshots Than Selfies

One of the most common ways to identify a scammer is the use of someone else’s picture. They get these pictures off of modeling sites, which is why their images seem more like headshots than selfies.

Make sure to run a reverse image search on Google to identify if such a suspicious image belongs to a public site. If it does, then it’s a sign that you should say goodbye to your new dating prospect.

They Keep Promising to Meet, But Make Excuses at the Last Minute

One of the most common ways to spot a scammer is that they are actively communicative online. But they would always flake out when it comes to a face to face meeting.

If your dating prospect keeps promising to meet up but cancels last minute citing an emergency, then it is a red flag. If this issue happens more than once, then it is a sign for you to cut ties with them. A potential Russian spouse would be quite interested in being forthright and present to develop a deeper relationship.

They Would Not Get on a Video Call

Scammers would be very communicative with you through texts, emails or the dating app itself. But they would always avert from getting on a video call. Seeing that video calling is an essential feature on most popular dating apps, it is quite easy to weed out any bad players by using it.

You should always prefer to meet face to face anyway. But if you are ditched for a video call more than once from the start, it is a sign that the person you are talking to may not really be who they are pretending to impersonate. It is a sign to walk away and save yourself from the trouble.

They Would Ask You for Gift Cards or Financial Favors

One of the ways that scammers turn their endeavors into financial profits is by asking others for favors. It may seem like a small thing: a $10 gift card here, a $20 gift card there, or a $25 Cash app transfer on a rare basis. According to our friends at, you should never give any money until after having met in person.

The reasons may range from their credit card not working to their paycheck not turning in. You think that since it is such a small amount, you could definitely make their day by picking up the tab.

But it is through these small amounts that these scammers actually turn their activities to a profitable venture. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you never perform any financial favors for anyone.

By remembering these tips, you could steer clear of being catfished and only spend your time on dating prospects who are just as serious about finding someone special as you are.

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