6 Ways to Add a Pop of Colour to a Monochrome Outfit

6 Ways to Add a Pop of Colour to a Monochrome Outfit

There’s something iconic about black and white. Maybe it’s my love of old movies and the classy suits they have in films like Casablanca or The Godfather. For guys, wearing black and white and grey is a stylish way to look the part, whatever the occasion.

That said, nobody could blame you for thinking just black and white could be a bit drab alone. I’ve put together a few ideas for adding a splash of colour to your monochrome wardrobe that will still enable you to accomplish a distinctive yet timeless look.

Swishy scarves

Whether a bright red number, a sea blue hue or a timeless green cashmere affair, a scarf can work wonders for a black and white outfit. Options like jaunty neckerchiefs or bandannas can add a certain something to a black outfit during the summer, or can be paired with your favourite t-shirt and jeans for that all important date night. Extra points for managing to pull off a classic Tom Baker style scarf and look great doing it.

Have a hat?

It could be a peak beanie, it could be a classic cap, it could even be a classy trilby. However you rock your headgear, rest assured that’s it’s going to add some personality to your black and white get-up. A hat can be as distinctive and different from your monochrome outfit as you want, so don’t be afraid to go all out and experiment with a range of different hat styles.

Put your best foot forward

Footwear can be a pretty striking way to make an impression with a monochrome outfit. Think tailored black trousers and a white shirt, paired with some distinctive red or blue trainers. Leading designers and some of the most recognisable high street footwear brands are getting the hint, and I don’t think guys’ shoes have ever had more distinctive or colourful options.

It’s all in the outerwear

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for mens jackets and the like lately, particularly because I like to be ahead of the pack and grab the A/W trends in plenty of time. The stylish suit jackets at Tu, are pretty affordable and have helped me too see that there’s a bit more to a good suit or casual blazer than you might think – and it doesn’t have to be just monochrome.

Buckle up

If you’re all in black, white or somewhere in between, a coloured belt where the band itself is red, yellow or even multi-coloured can be a pretty fun way to liven things up. If it all sounds a bit Fresh Prince of Bel Air, take it onboard nonetheless, because 90’s fashion trends are back.

Grab some gloves

Whether you’re restricted by office dress codes or just want to try a daring accessory that can easily be kept on rotation, there’s always the option to go for a pair of statement leather gloves. While black might seem a smart idea with your monochrome ensemble, keep in mind it that you could also opt for a classy jade, tan or navy blue pair to spice your winter wardrobe up a little more.

Straighten that tie

It might seem obvious, and even easy to overdo, but a good tie really sets a positive precedent on a timeless black and white suit combo. While novelty ties might be taking it too far, unless you’ve the personality to back it up, a good striped tie in blue, for example, or a solid block pattern in warm autumn reds and oranges can breathe new life into a monochrome outfit.

Altogether, it’s the little touches that really make a monochrome outfit shine. I’m still finding new ways and little tricks to liven up regular ensembles. Don’t be shy in sharing yours!

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