4 Different Types of Travelers: Which One Are You?

4 Different Types of Travelers: Which One Are You?

When it comes to traveling, each and every one of us has different priorities and goals. Some of us want to relax while others want to see every cultural or historical landmark, for example. Each type of traveler has their own merits and flaws, but determining who to go with on your holiday could in turn determine how your whole trip goes. So, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the most common traveler types to see what each has to offer – which one are you?

The Squirrel

These are the individuals who collect everything while visiting exotic locations, whether it is memorabilia from a special venue or beer mats from the local café. The collecting goes deeper though as these individuals are also out to gather new experiences that they can keep forever, displaying them proudly in conversation and storing them at the front of their mind. For Squirrels, traveling is a way to collect objects and experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime, so while you may forget the ins and outs of your trip your friend The Squirrel will be there to remind you.

The Eagle

A combination of thrill-seeking and escapism drives The Eagle, as they look for any way possible to push the heights of your holiday. They may avoid the more usual, touristy locations and activities in favor of extreme sports and adventures outside of the assumed holiday boundaries. With as much as ten times more dopamine in the brains of extreme sports fans, The Eagle is more willing to take risks to experience something more than a simple holiday, and chances are they would very much like you to join them. However, if you’re looking for an easy time where you’re not being faced with danger or breaking the rules, going away with an Eagle may not be the best idea.

The Shark

If you love to organise every single aspect of your vacation, right down to where the best restaurant is and the route you plan to take when visiting the local sites, you may be a shark. At first it sounds negative and predatory, but in games that require a lot of complex psychological skills such as poker, sharks are actually regarded as detail-orientated, emotionally stable and highly adaptive, all things that make up a great holiday leader. These individuals can come across as a little bit too organised and overbearing, but those close to a shark understand that they just want to know everything they can (and also take every opportunity they can!) in order to have the best experience possible.

The Caterpillar

Finally, there’s the caterpillar: the kind of traveler who is eager to get up early in the morning, return late at night and ultimately leave the holiday having blossomed in some way. For friends who don’t have the stamina or sensible footwear necessary to keep up with the caterpillar a holiday could swiftly turn into hard work, but anyone who is eager to see the sights, shop, walk to new interesting places and wander museums for hours the caterpillar is your best companion.

There you have it: four different types of traveler, each with their own charms and challenges. Do you fit into any of these categories or know anyone who does? Perhaps you can think of an entirely new category that we’ve missed? Let us know.

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