Sativa vs Indica? Which is more popular?

Before you consume marijuana for the first time, it’s important to know the differences between the two main types, and then you can consider sativa vs indica and which is going to benefit you the most. Each of these two types of plant have different effects on the body, and one is likely going to produce the results that you’re after while the other does not.

Calm Head High

If you take sativa, the skinnier and lengthier plant, you’ll experience what is known as a head high. You’ll feel the results of the plant up in your head much more than the other, and you’ll also feel energized and more creative in many instances. This makes it good for parties or situations where you want to feel in control and to reduce anxiety.

Body High with a Side of Sleepiness

Indica-based marijuana strains will make you sleepy and create more of a body high. These substances help fight depression and can help lower feelings of nausea as well.

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Indica vs Sativa – Which to Try

One of the best ways to decide which of the two varieties you like the best is to give each one of them a try. Do your best to find a pure strain of each type, such as Silver Haze and Northern Lights, to give you an idea of what to expect with each. Only after you’ve tried both types can you really decide which of the two varieties you prefer.

Once you take the time to really consider a comparison of indica vs sativa, it’s easy to decide which of the two types you like the best overall. Once you do, you can easily pick out strains that you will want to use in the future, and also select the edibles that you would prefer using. You’ll be happy that you know the difference when it comes time to restock your supply, which is why it makes sense to really learn the benefits of both.

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