Spring Wear Savings

With trees blooming and the last (hopefully) of the blizzards hitting the East Coast, spring time is just around the corner. Before you know it, it’ll be time to break out that spring wardrobe you’ve had packed away since fall move-in. Wait, what spring wardrobe? If you’re like most college students, you brought the bare essentials and figured you’d round out your gear once you were settled in. But as a student parent, you probably had even less time to think ahead about what kind of spring wear your child would fit into by the time it is warm enough for them to wear short sleeves and swimwear.

Well, spring is almost here and it’s time to figure out what exactly your child is going to wear once it’s time to mothball (what are mothballs, anyway?) the winter coat and wool sweaters. Spring is one of the best times to be a college student, and even better to be a parent. It’s time to get out and bike ride, play some volleyball, enjoy soccer, ride a slide a zillion times, hit the swings, lounge poolside or by the beach, go for hikes and lakeside strolls, and study, of course! But now that the weather is shifting, you can take the opportunity to get outside and explore different clothing options you haven’t thought of in over six months.

The best gear for kids can be found at Carter’s. If you are like most college students, you are saddled with debt and wondering how to get through this alive. Struggling to keep your head above water, you suffer from mild panic attacks even beginning to contemplate paying for your child’s college education. That’s why, once you get past the age where all of the donated baby clothes are outgrown, and you need to start buying your kid’s clothes, you need to find ways to save cash. Turning to new partnership with Groupon will save you money on clothes and delivery. Take advantage of these partnerships by checking back on the constantly updated coupons page regularly.